Select from 2 brad nailing guns that drive 18-gage fasteners into wood. Model NT32AE2 (shown) accepts 58- to 114-in. fasteners and weighs 2 lbs., while Model NT50AE2 handles 58- to 2-in. fasteners and weighs 2.2 lbs. Each boasts a narrow nosepiece and short center height that allow use in hard-to-reach areas and tight corners. Ideal for trim work and other carpentry or maintenance jobs. Selectable switch lets user choose bump fire actuation (when precise nail placement is not required) or sequential firing for pinpoint accuracy. Built-in dial lets user adjust driving depth to match specific density of wood. Body consists of lightweight aluminum, with an elastomer grip that adds comfort and prevents slippage. Tool comes with no-mar tip, hex bar wrenches, air fitting, safety glasses, and storage case. Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A., Norcross, GA