Greens Grade Emerald and Field and Fairway Emerald topdressing materials not only keep sand-based and native grasses looking their best but also promote long-term turf health and disease resistance. Both products feature a deep green emerald color that camouflages worn areas until turf grows back. Greens Grade Emerald porous ceramic topdressing hides mid-season aerification holes and adds color and strength to bunker faces and green walking areas. Also for sand-based putting greens and tees. Works continuously in soil by increasing oxygen, retaining nutrients, and absorbing water to prevent soil compaction and soggy spots. Field and Fairway Emerald larger porous ceramic material for fairway capping adds porosity to root zones and provides balance in air and water pore space that aids drainage and prevents muddy spots. Helps turf resist compaction under intense traffic, such as during tournaments. Both products are available in natural color for use in construction and renovation areas.

Profile Products L.L.C., Buffalo Grove, IL