Use grapple rake with Dingo walk-behind utility loader to pick up and remove construction and demolition debris, including trees, bushes, roots and rocks. Ideal for breaking up concrete, gathering and moving piles of debris, stacking rocks and timber, tilling the soil and removing oversized items from the ground without picking up topsoil. Measures 34.5 ins. wide; weighs 270 lbs. Boasts 3,000-lb. clamping force, from tip to tip of rake, to hold heavy loads securely. Gains power from two hydraulic cylinders. Teeth are said to be nearly four times stronger than regular steel and almost three times as hard. When attached to loader, rake operates like a bucket. User can raise and lower rake, pick up objects and back-rack material away from buildings and fence lines. Compact design fits easily through gates and narrow-access openings. Besides the grapple rake, Dingo loader accepts more than 35 attachments—from augers, trenchers and plows to backhoes, tree forks and various buckets. Toro Co., Bloomington, Minn.