When Don George took on the role of Park Project Coordinator for Garland County, AR, he had big plans for what is fast becoming one of the innovative countys premier attractionsCedar Glades Park. George and his team had to secure state and federal grant money to make those plans a reality, as well as stretch that money to the max. With their RC-30 Posi-Track compact loader, by ASV, Inc., of Grand Rapids, MI, as well as some careful planning and smart work, the team is doing just that. The park, the first of its kind in the United States, is being built in a buffer zone around an active landfill, which in turn will eventually be closed and converted to park land. Grant money is being used for a disc golf course, 2 remote-controlled car tracks, and a BMX track designed by the American Bicycle Association. Add to that the remote-controlled airplane field and miles of mountain biking and hiking trails and you have a park well worth the investment. When I was looking for a machine, says George , I knew it would not only have to serve our existing purposes, but also enable us to perform work wed otherwise have to hire out, which helps justify the machines cost. After researching compact loaders, George chose the Posi-Track: The RC-30 is powerful enough for us, but more importantly its narrow enough to work between the trees when we build and maintain our trails. Plus the RC-30s versatility has already saved us the equivalent of its purchase price. The numbers back up his claim. Contractor fees for utility work in the initial plan were cut nearly in half after George determined that his team, with their RC-30, could do the trench work themselves. Its truly the best of both worlds to have equipment that can do the work you need while it also expands your capabilities. Our RC-30 has done that, says George.

ASV, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI