Besides transporting workers and gear around golf courses, street-legal Eagle SE doubles as a second vehicle for traveling throughout neighborhoods. Boasts Luxury Track suspension that ensures a soft and smooth ride, along with raised profile that provides about 5 ins. of ground clearance to enhance driver comfort. For a sporty look, 20-in. radial tires team up with chrome wheels. Other features include automotive-style rack-and-pinion steering; turn signals and emergency flashers with audible reminder; and mechanical or hydraulic brakes. Select from models that run on 13-hp. gasoline engine or 48-v. electric power train. On the electric model, programmable controller and motor brake allow customization of various operating functionsfrom acceleration to brakingto suit specific needs. Various seating styles, covers, and colors are available, as well as a choice of paint colors for vehicles body. Options range from a cab enclosure, windshield, and sun top to golf bag rack, cargo box, and rear seat with step.

Columbia ParCar Corp., a Member of the Nordic Group of Companies, Reedsburg, WI