By using the 240 hole digger, one worker can conquer various lawn and garden projects, as well as light-duty construction jobs. Digs to 30 ins. deep, plus accepts 15-in. extension to increase digging depth. Produces maximum drilling torque of 55 ft.-lbs. Runs on 1.6-hp, four-stroke gasoline engine, which is said to be more fuel efficient than two-stroke engines. The engine complies with all applicable emission-control regulations and eliminates the need for premixed fuel and oil solutions. Twist-grip throttle controls engine speed. Driveshaft connection accepts earth augers ranging from 2 to 8 ins. in diameter. Centrifugal clutch has safety features that protect against overload or when auger makes direct contact with buried obstructions. Comfort Zone handle reduces machine kickback and operator fatigue. General Equipment Co., Owatonna, Minn.