Model S130 Vibratory Flatdeck Screener features 130 sq. ft. of screen cloth across both decks. Screen box measures 5 by 14 ft. Lower screening deck measures 5 by 12-ft. Includes 1012-cu.-yd. hopper with taper-out design that resists bridging and includes a large remote-controlled tipping grid. Options include a 1312-cu.-yd. hopper and a heavy-duty live head. Expanded range of control allows operators to fine tune screener with 5 settings for the screen box angle ranging from 25° to 38°, adjustable vibration stroke from 6 to 10 mm., and adjustable shaft speeds ranging from 950 to 1,130 r.p.m. Side conveyors provide discharge heights up to 15-ft., 11-in. Chevrons and high angle troughing idlers prevent material rollback and spillage. Feeder and tail conveyors measure 48 ins. wide. Tail conveyor features a drop-down design to simplify maintenance and screen changes. Runs on Caterpillar 100-hp. engine. Engine bay provides room for technicians to stand and access cooling fan, filters, hydraulic tank, and other routine service points. Portable screener includes remote control track crawler base for on-site transport and is available with a roll-in tandem axle bogie for highway travel without a float. Tandem-axle wheeled model also available. McCloskey International, Ltd., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada