In late spring through early summer, Color Flash Astilbe blooms with small, light-pink flowers. Emergent foliage appears as bright, electric green, which then matures to burgundy and purple. Each fall, color palette evolves into a combination of gold, orange, and russet tones. Offers year-round beauty, whether planted individually in containers, grouped in flower beds, or used to create landscaping borders. Each plant grows from 6 to 10 ins. tall and about 20 ins. wide. Flower spikes reach 20 ins. tall, rising 10 ins. above top of foliage. Just space plants 15 to 24 ins. apart. Ideal for well-drained, slightly acidic soil that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Require moderate to high watering. For best results, apply controlled-release fertilizer in spring and late summer. Come in pots, ready for planting. Available wholesale from licensed growers beginning in spring 2005.

Anthony Tesselaar USA, Lawndale, CA