Turf Blanket made of DuPont™ Xavan® high-strength, lightweight, nonwoven polypropylene fabric acts like a greenhouse for grass. Both air and water permeable, it raises soil and air temperatures and retains moisture to accelerate germination and healthy root growth. Also protects turf from wind and insects. Use as early/late season daily cover, for overwintering, to extend growing season, and to promote earlier green-up in spring. Easy to install and reusable. Built-in UV. inhibitors prevent breakdown from sunlight. Will not harm the environment. Available in standard white, 14-mil-thick, 2.0-oz./sq. yd. basis weight in 100-ft. lengths and in 1512-, 45-, 60-, 75-, and 90-ft. widths. Boasts 5-yr. limited warranty. DuPont Garden Products, Wilmington, DE