Kwik-Trench carves shallow trenches to ease installation of underground sprinklers, low-voltage wiring, electronic fencing, plumbing and drainage lines, or landscape edging. Also ideal for pruning roots. Makes clean, narrow trenches, while neatly depositing removed ground next to trench for fast backfilling and cleanup of area. Penetrates a variety of tough materials, including compacted clay, road fill, asphalt, or tree roots (measuring up to 10 ins. thick). Cutter wheel rotates at maximum speed of 800 r.p.m. Trenches up to 30 ft. per min. Select from 4 models, which dig from to 4 ins. wide and 8 to 12 ins. deep (depending on model). Smallest size (KT 100) measures 60 ins. long, 31 ins. wide, and 29 ins. high, while largest model (KT 2400 B) is 72 ins. long, 36 ins. wide, and 40 ins. high. Options include tilting-bed utility trailer for transporting trencher to site.

Little Beaver, Livingston, TX