AlturnaMats drive-on, ground protection mats virtually eliminate damage to lawns and landscaped areas from construction equipment and provide traction for vehicles operating in mud or sand. Made of 100% recycled polyethylene plastic. Locking links connect mats end to end to form a -in.-thick, continuous work roadway or platform that flexes to ground contours and supports up to 60 tons of equipment. Diamond deck-plate design gives vehicles traction while protecting sod, golf greens, cemeteries, parks, and soft terrain as well as brick pavers and concrete walks. Hose down with water to clean. Load onto truck bed or trailer for transport. Reusable, recyclable, low-cost alternative to fiberglass-reinforced mats and more durable than plywood. Feature 3-yr. warranty against cracking and breaking.

AlturnaMats, Titusville, PA