Lightweight, humane Deer Blocker Deer Fence System with nearly invisible, 4-in.-square mesh is less conspicuous than wood or metal fences yet deters deer from invading gardens, landscaping, golf courses, parks, sports fields, cemeteries, livestock areas, roads, trails, and more. Made from 36-ply, UV.-resistant polyethylene that boasts low wind loading. Each strand has knotted breaking strength of 175 lbs. Woven 5/16-in. border on all 4 edges eliminates need for additional supports. Choose economical EZ-Set Angle Post kit or Premium Post kit with separate ground sleeves that enable quick removal. Both kits require supports (posts or existing trees, objects, etc.) every 10 ft. to 20 ft. along the perimeter. Stake bottom edge to ground every 3 to 4 ft. to prevent deer from pushing under fence. Attach 16-in. repeller ribbon strips spaced every 10 ft. along fence, 4 ft. up from ground, to make fence visible to deer and to prevent collisions.

Nixalite of America, Inc., East Moline, IL