Deep aeration and decompaction benefit course greens and other fine turf by encouraging healthy growth of roots and improving water and air circulation. Greens Terra Spike 53-in. and 63-in. models use solid or hollow needle tines with diameters from 3/16 ins. to 1 in. and lengths from 2 ins. to 11 ins. to drive up to 465 holes per sq. ft. of turf. Units attach to tractor via 3-point hitch. Central hand crank adjusts both working depth and tine entry angle to match ground conditions and soil compaction. Three-speed gearbox enables hole-spacing setting to match drive speed. VibraStop and PowerPack damping systems absorb jolts and vibrations. Tine holders with dimensioned bushings and integrated grease reservoirs withstand impact stresses from dirt or sand. Optional multifunction rear attachments include hydraulic rotary brush, core collection scraper/windrow, and bogey. Multi-tine holders also are available.

Wiedenmann North America, L.L.C., Savannah, GA