Nexans TXLP Electric Radiant Heating Cable installed beneath concrete, asphalt, and pavers melts snow and ice before they accumulate on ground surfaces. UL-listed Nexans cable with temperature and moisture sensor activates melting sequence when weather conditions produce sleet or snow. Cable heats to raise surface temperatures to between 35 and 40 (1.7 C to 4.4 C), melting snow and ice as they fall and keeping surfaces dry. Thermostats, switches, and sensor controls energize system for 3 to 5 hrs., depending upon snowfall time and rate. Features moisture-proof splice, insulated cover, and metal-clad sheath for outdoor use. Voltages from 120 v. to 480 v. suit industrial, commercial, and residential applications, including walkways, driveways, accessibility ramps, patios, and deicing roofs and gutters.

Orbit Mfg. Co., Perkasie, PA