Compost mixers combine gentle tumbling with air introduction and consistent mixing to ensure rapid decomposition of materials into uniform composted product. Rotors lift materials above lower augers’ wedge points as side augers move composting mass from end to end. Produces a fluffier mixture without dead spots, tunneling, or corner pile-up, and with uniformly distributed nutrients and microorganisms. Mixes solid, yard, and food wastes, sludge, animal manure, and more. Other features include heavy-duty drive assembly with oil bath, stable box frame with rectangular tubing, single-point grease bank, and easy-access rear doors with single-lever latch. Short wheel base allows tight turning radius. Optional hydraulic folding conveyor up to 120 ins. long can build windrows, static piles, or load trucks. Model 1670 (shown) boasts maximum mixing capacity of 16.7 cu. yds., 17,500 lbs. Other units produce up to 34.1 cu. yds, 26,100 lbs., of finished product. Choose from truck, trailer, or stationary models. Roto-Mix, A Div. of JSI Industries, Inc., Dodge City, KS