Groundkeepers at the U.S. Armys Weisbaden Airfield in Germany operate 7 automatic mowers, 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. The battery-powered, automatic Bigmow, by SofTee Mfg., LLC, of Southport, NC, continuously cuts areas up to 5 acres at speeds of up to 3,600 sq. yds. per hr. Each units Echo-sounder slows the mower at the slightest obstacle. To contain each mower within a 5-acre section of Army property, low-voltage perimeter wires were buried to a 2-in. depth. The wires designate each mowers turf and connect to individual charging stations. When the Bigmow NiCad batteries run low, an on-board computer sends the mower to connect itself to its designated charger for a power lunch. After a full charge, mower automatically goes back to work. The environmentally-friendly unit offers silent, non-polluting, electric operation. The composting mowers very fine cutting blades reduce grass to tiny particles and eliminate need for grass collection. Features 5 floating cutting heads; anti-scalping device; 3-phase, 24-v., 50-w. cutting disk motor; and 24-v., 50-w. back wheel motor. Adapts to any lawn configuration. Sets for random or systematic cutting. Measures 47.2 ins. wide, 19.7 ins. high, 51.2 ins. long, and weigh 105 lbs.

SofTee Mfg., LLC, Southport, NC