Mirage M-160 boasts 164-ft. throwing radius to distribute water on synthetic or natural turf, including football or soccer fields. Irrigates an entire football field from outside the playing area. Features piston-driven water cannon, which operates in a full or partial circle, while mounted on sidelines. On synthetic turf, rotor can cool and wash down playing surface before game to reduce skin burns and improve field safety. Overall size is 23.5 ins. high, with an above-grade pop-up height of 2.75 ins. Operates at 60 to 120 psi; handles from 96 to 300 gpm. User can adjust coverage arc from 30 to 360 degrees, as well as fine-tune the rotation speed from 100 to 240 seconds. Select from nozzles ranging from 16 to 26 mm. To irrigate sports parks and other sites larger than one-half acre, optional decoder converts any controller into two-wire operation to expand system capacity. Underhill, Lake Forest, Calif.