Land Pride has introduced the DB2660 Ditch Bank rotary cutter. The hydraulic-driven unit makes mowing ditch banks, pond dams and other hard-to-reach inclines fast and efficient.

The cutter is built for either 540- or 1,000-rpm tractors. The DB2660 features a 58-inch cutting width, 1-inch cutting diameter and 32-inch cutting reach. The unit’s 1/2- by 4-inch blades rotate clockwise at 15,000 fpm, directing debris away from the tractor. Minimum cutting height is dictated by the tractor's 3-point hitch height.
The product is designed for 75- to 150-horsepower tractors with a minimum weight of 7,000 pounds. The product has a gearbox horsepower rating of150 horsepower. The cutter does not require a dedicated tractor. It has a three-point hookup that is easy to hook up and remove from tractor, according to the company. All grease ports are easily accessible for servicing.

Visibility of the cutter deck is captured from the operator’s seat. The cutter offers easy-to-see operation. The operator does not have to look behind.

The unit has a 10-foot transport width. It folds up close to the tractor. When transporting, there are no weight brackets or decks hanging away from the tractor. When transporting, the unit is typically not much wider than the tractor, which means safe transporting.

The unit offers good above-grade vertical reach. It enables good access for reaching up embankments and cutting low over-hanging limbs. Below-grade reach is also good. The product offers good access for reaching down embankments. The unit offers a 175- degree deck rotation angle. The assembly’s cutter head can be positioned to reach different angles.


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