Custom landscaping can refer to any lawn care that is installed and cared for by a professional service. This can include patios, decking and even water features.For government facilities, creating a custom landscape can make the property look more presentable and welcoming, and communicate a friendlier view than an industrial-looking building devoid of greenery.

As a ground maintenance or facility manager, you are already aware that there is an abundance of ways to customize a landscape. You can work with the trees, shrubs and decking already on your property or you can bring in new trees and flowers and install a new patio or deck. This approach can give your yard new life and also make you smile each time you come home.

Customizing a facility landscape can be a big project that can take up a significant amount of time as well as resources.

Fortunately, there are custom landscaping services that will alleviate the pressure of taking on such an arduous task. Companies like Lawn Doctor offer specialized landscaping services that will give your landscape a professional feel without the unnecessary frustration. Professional landscapers will do most of the work for you, while you are free to spend your time as you see fit.

Here are some of the ways you can spice up your outdoor space with custom landscaping:

●    If you want to start with a simple change, you can just switch out current walkways and pathways with stone paths and surround them with colorful flower beds and plants. Bringing in just a little color alone can give your house a bit of a facelift. Also, be sure to research to see which plants and flowers will work best in your area of the country.

●    Staying with this theme, bringing in plant life and shrubbery that is native to your area can make your space feel more natural and not overdone. Doing this is also safer for the environment. Some non-native plants can overtake the area which could damage local plants and even harm some animals.

●    If you want a fence but don’t want to use wood, vinyl or chain link, you could use shrubs or small trees to create a natural fence. You can have just as much privacy as you would if you used those other materials but you would create something more natural-looking and friendlier to the environment.

Once you have updated and customized your landscaping, you will be able to enjoy being outdoors more. From relaxing outside on sunny days, to having a barbecue with friends on summer nights, having the landscape of your dreams will give you much pleasure.

Editor’s note: Lawn Doctor provided the above content. The company is made up of locally operated businesses that are supported by a national brand. Each local franchise draws on local and regional expertise when customizing your lawn care. Its experts know the requirements and environmental conditions of their local area. The company is the largest automated lawn care franchise in the nation, with 500 franchises spread over 40 states and Puerto Rico.

This video shows how power seeding can give lawns a bold, healthy and thick look.


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