A new Kenworth T370 has become the first medium duty diesel-electric hybrid truck in New York City's truck fleet. Officials from the New York Department of Sanitation introduced the hybrid truck, which was delivered in early May, during a special event at the 21st annual Vehicle & Equipment Show on May 28. The show, which is hosted by the New York Parks and Recreation Department, featured the latest in light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, fleet-related services, horticultural equipment and tools. “We are committed to use fuel-efficient vehicles that will reduce the city's greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air we breathe,” said Rocco DiRico, deputy commissioner of support services for the New York Department of Sanitation. “The Kenworth hybrid will help reduce fuel consumption and emissions in New York City.”

The truck's assignment is to pick up and deliver supplies and parts for the Department of Sanitation's various locations throughout the New York metropolitan area. The department expects to introduce three more T370 hybrids into service later this year.