The Association of Equipment Management Professionals Education Foundation (AEMPF), has released a how-to book for fleets, including government fleets. The volume helps managers who are seeking the correct methods to integrate and adopt telematics into their fleet operations.

“Telematics for Fleet Managers,” written by industry researcher/writer Georgia Krause, is a collaboration of effort from experts in the world of telematics for heavy equipment. The book (contents page below on left) includes insights from equipment managers in AEMP’s Technology Committee, John Deere, AT&T, and others. AT&T underwrote the funding for the publication.

“AEMP has been the industry driver for telematics integration and adoption since 2008, when it developed the industry’s first standard for telematics. And recently AEMP collaborated with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers in pushing for an ISO Standard for V2, the latest iteration of the standard now referred to as the AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard. A how-to book for fleet-intensive companies wanting to reap the benefits of telematics is a natural next step,” says Jason Milligan, Director of Service at Southeaster Equipment Company and a contributor to the text.

The book will help equipment managers find a starting point and define data sources. It shows readers how to interpret the data and make the data useful in real-world ways, while gaining an understanding of telematics in construction vehicles.

For fleet administrators who already use telematic data in their fleet management procedures, the “Telematics for Fleet Managers” text will help them customize their fleet‘s telematics data so they they can use as much – or as little – of the data to fit how they manage their fleets.

The volume also equips the equipment manager with the knowledge needed to discuss details with different telematics providers. A step-by-step Proof of Concept process is included to assist in assessing a fleet’s needs and to find the right system for each respective organization.

The publication is now available from AEMP either as a PDF or in print.  It is also offered in Spanish. To order “Telematics for Fleet Managers,” go here.


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