Penton’s EquipmentWatch, a provider of data, software and insights for the heavy equipment industry, has launched its Specifying Organization Library. It’s a list of organizations that leverage EquipmentWatch cost recovery data (Rental Rate Blue Book) as their reimbursement standard for supplemental work. Within the library, users can see the standards accepted by each state department of transportation (DOT).

The Specifying Orgs page gives EquipmentWatch customers easy access to information on state DOT policies for reimbursement of heavy equipment ownership and operating costs. 

State DOT standard specification documents can be rather lengthy and cumbersome to page through just to find a formula, Dahshi Marshall says. He is EquipmentWatch’s Director, Business Insights Asset Intelligence.

The library gives users a layout that graphically illustrates state DOT-specified heavy equipment ownership and operating cost formulas. The site includes links to the standard specifications document for each state DOT.

Government contractors will see value in the library, Marshall says. “Many of our customers are contractors who operate on projects across multiple state jurisdictions who face the burdensome task of having to remember each state’s different policies governing equipment cost reimbursement.”

The Specifying Orgs page, Marshall says, can serve as an instantly available resource. “Customers can rely on the web page as a quick reference to clear up any confusion surrounding the policies of the DOT project owner for whom our customers are working.”

This web resource will have current, up-to-date information, Marshall explains. The site, he adds, will be undergoing future expansion. “We plan on adding pages for other types of heavy construction project owners, such as public transit agencies, local governments and private commercial project owners.”

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