Environmental concerns about preventing or containing fuel or chemical leaks and spills from trucks and industrial equipment have taken on a new level of importance. If you are responsible for transporting fuel or chemicals or for the operation of industrial machinery, you can be prepared for potential leaks and spills. You should be able to provide fast damage control by keeping a portable containment pool in or around your equipment or truck.

The Andax Tank Trap is a portable, pop-up containment pool that can be opened and ready for use in 3 seconds. Stored, this pool will fit behind your truck seat—opened, it expands to 20 times its size. Imagine you have a ruptured fuel tank on your truck. Opening and placing the containment pool beneath the leak, you will contain the fuel that’s leaking or spilling and eliminate ground contamination. There’s a good chance you can reuse the spilled fuel. Having a containment pool to deploy immediately prevent ground water contamination. The pool is also invaluable if you come upon an accident where fluids are spilling into the ground or water supply. And the Tank Trap can be purchased as part of a spill kit as well.

Containment pools are manufactured in three sizes— 50, 100 and 150 gallons. They are made with regular or super-duty bases and they are strong and durable and can be cleaned easily and reused. These pools are resistant to many chemicals, fuels and oil-based fluids as well as some acids and many hazardous liquids. Containment pools are used by the military, fire departments, rescue units, hazmat teams, the transportation industry, police departments and industrial facilities.

The marketing department at Andax Industries LLC in St. Marys Kan., provided the above information. Andax Industries develops and manufactures products for the leak- and spill-control, secondary containment, and emergency preparedness markets. The company designs, engineers and manufactures its products in the USA, and has 35 years of experience. Go here for information on the firm’s secondary containment products.