Penton's EquipmentWatch, a provider of database information products for the heavy equipment industry, has expanded the coverage of the EquipmentWatch INDEX, a monthly benchmarking report. The report tracks price, volume and age trends in the heavy equipment market. The EquipmentWatch INDEX now includes agriculture equipment and truck data, in addition to the existing construction equipment content. The Index has been expanded into trucks (heavy, medium and light duty) as well as agricultural equipment (including tractors). 

The addition of agriculture to the INDEX is just the first step in EquipmentWatch's coverage of agricultural equipment. Currently in BETA, Green Guide-Ag, when launched in late 2014, will provide an online resource for resale values, quick-sale values, original prices, and product specs for ag equipment produced over the past 20 years. Go here for information on the Green Guide.

"The EquipmentWatch INDEX is designed to help those in our industry to get an immediate sense of the status and health of equipment sales activity," said Garrett Schemmel, Director, Brand Management, EquipmentWatch. "In addition to price and volume trending by state, we are also benchmarking age trends for top key manufacturers. We're excited about these benchmarks, as they don't exist anywhere else in our industry." The EquipmentWatch INDEX (download it here) is sent monthly to those who have requested it.

“The EquipmentWatch INDEX is a monthly benchmarking guide to equipment pricing and volume trends on a state-by-state basis,” says Brian Dewey, who is
 Director of Group Enterprise Sales at EquipmentWatch. "City, county and state equipment or fleet operations managers use it to determine best timing for disposing of idle assets or purchasing needed assets. By subscribing to the free EquipmentWatch INDEX resource, fleet managers can immediately recognize trends and time their actions appropriately. It helps them maximize their budgets and save taxpayer dollars.” Contact Dewey at or at 770-618-0201 for details.


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