The new EquipmentWatch INDEX has been issued, and it includes a quick look at price, volume and age trends observed during August 2014.

New this month: Both Truck and Agricultural Equipment have been added to the monthly EquipmentWatch INDEX. These additions make the INDEX the only resource tracking all three major heavy equipment verticals.

The monthly INDEX is an information tool that fleet professionals use to track critical heavy equipment benchmarks. When they use the INDEX, fleet professionals can make knowledgeable heavy equipment decisions around price, market share and equipment age metrics.

INDEX reports are available to members of the EquipmentWatch community. To receive these reports regularly, just provide your email address at this site to receive the EquipmentWatch INDEX in your e-mail inbox every month.

The latest INDEX shows the following highlights that EquipmentWatch researchers observed over the past month:

Construction Equipment
•    Southeast prices dropped 4.9% compared to July on average.
•    Auction volume increased by over 8.9%.
•    The average age of resale equipment sold this month was 8.5 years.

Agricultural Equipment
•    Prices went down while volume increased by over 20% in several states.
•    The biggest price drop was in the Southeast, with a median decrease of 10.4%.
•    The average age of Wheel Tractors dropped by over a year to 11.1 years.

On-Highway Truck
•    Heavy Duty trucks comprised 51.1% of the trucks on the market.
•    Volume increased substantially this month.
•    The average age of trucks on the resale market decreased across all three major categories.

Commenting on the latest INDEX report, Andrew Hoss noted: “This month saw prices drop and volume increase across all three market segments: construction, agricultural equipment, and trucks. Nowhere was the increase in volume more drastic, though, than in the truck market, with jumps of 50% or more in eight states.” Hoss is an Industry Analyst at EquipmentWatch.

Hoss says that this volume increase was accompanied by a decrease in average age of trucks on the market across all five of the top manufacturers.

Hoss adds that the age of construction equipment remained remarkably steady month-to-month, with Case and Ingersoll Rand equipment representing the oldest segments with an average age of 10.3 and 10.4 years on the resale market, respectively. Agricultural equipment, on the other hand, he explained, “got younger, with Wheel Tractors dropping an entire 1.6 years in age month-to-month.”

For the past 30 days, the latest INDEX report tabulated 2,766 equipment units at public auctions and 304,831 equipment units at resale (private). The latest INDEX report also provides age benchmarks for various kinds of equipment by category and manufacturer.

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