Following a typically slow January, the heavy equipment auction market recorded sizable gains during the last two months of 2013’s first quarter. Overall, the market enjoyed increases of 41 percent in total sales dollars and 19 percent in total units sold compared to the Winter 2012 quarter. The Southeast U.S. dominated the regional landscape with a 79 percent increase in activity by volume over the previous quarter.

The equipment analysis covers the following:
- 4-Wheel Drive Articulated
Wheel Loaders

- Tractor Loader Backhoes

- Crawler Mounted Hydraulic

This analysis was conducted using auction result data from Last Bid, a database product offered by EquipmentWatch.

With unit sales 3x higher over the previous quarter, the Southeast U.S. easily dominated the auction market for 4-Wheel Drive Articulated Wheel Loaders. The analysis includes data on total auction sales volume for the top five U.S. regions.

With the exception of Deere, average unit sale prices were down from the previous year for the top manufacturers. Volvo showed the most dramatic decline in price for 4-wheel drive articulated wheel loaders year over year. Caterpillar, though a close second, was still able to maintain a premium price in the market.

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