The newest EquipmentWatch INDEX report has been released. The report offers a quick peek at price, volume and age trends for a variety of equipment observed during April 2014.

The monthly INDEX is an information tool that helps fleet professionals track critical heavy equipment benchmarks. With the INDEX, fleet professionals can make knowledgeable heavy equipment decisions around price, market share and equipment age metrics.

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The latest INDEX shows the following highlights that EquipmentWatch researchers observed over the past month:

•  Nationwide prices and volume increased 0.1% and 9.8%, respectively
•  Prices rose substantially in the West—up 4.8% compared to March
•  Volume increased dramatically across the board, led by the Southwest—up 16.5% compared to March

“April was an interesting month for construction equipment,” says Patrick Dogan, who is Manager, Analytics at EquipmentWatch. “Resale prices increased in almost every state, and the average age of equipment decreased for most major equipment types.”

One other piece of information that Dogan discovered in preparing the latest INDEX report: buyers are demanding newer used equipment in their efforts to prepare for a stabilizing and growing market.

Buyers, says Dogan, can see that there is a large amount of guaranteed state/federal-funded road projects on the horizon. In addition, says Dogan, buyers are becoming more comfortable with Tier IV equipment.

For the past 30 days, the latest INDEX report tabulated 4,221 equipment units at public auctions and 339,354 equipment units at resale (private). The latest INDEX report also provides age benchmarks for various kinds of equipment by category and manufacturer.

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