Long Beach Transit (LBT), the agency that provides bus service to Long Beach, Calif., has awarded a contract to Peterson Hydraulics, Inc. for 12 Rotary Lift MOD30 inground lifts.

The MOD30s will replace existing lifts at LBT’s Anaheim Street Facility. The order includes 11 60,000-pound-capacity two-piston models and one three-piston version rated at 90,000 pounds. Peterson Hydraulics will also lay an epoxy-coated floor with the new lifts.

“We’ve installed more than 250 Rotary Lift MOD30 inground lifts since they were introduced 10 years ago, and half of those were ordered to replace old units,” said Dan Peterson, president of Gardena, Calif.-based Peterson Hydraulics. “The MOD30’s modular design and containment housing makes installing the lift in existing facilities easy and cost-effective.”

The Rotary Lift MOD30 uses half the hydraulic fluid required by traditional inground lifts, according to the company. The entire system is contained in a six-foot-deep steel enclosure that is coated inside and out with Rotary Lift’s EnviroGuard sealant to protect against electrolysis and contamination. 

To enhance productivity, the MOD30 features an automatically positioning moveable piston and automatic trench covers. Rotary Lift’s universal saddle adapter reduces setup time, and the lift’s upright console eliminates the need to bend down to operate the controls. The MOD30 has been serving fleet customers across North America for the past 10 years.

LBT facility and maintenance department staff considered several options before selecting the MOD30. Work is scheduled to begin shortly and run through February 2014. Peterson Hydraulics will train LBT technicians on use and maintenance of the lifts after the first phase of installation is complete.

LBT buses carry 28.2 million customers annually through Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill and portions of nearby communities in California. 
To learn more about the MOD30 inground lift or any of the other products in Rotary Lift’s line of vehicle lifts, contact a local Rotary Lift distributor or visit this link.

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