To provide strategic visual information to first responders, police officers, or security guards, select from IntelliViewer video monitoring platform, TransViewer vehicle surveillance system, or RoadViewer traffic information service. Each product provides mobile tools that help safety forces acquire, share, and leverage information to protect people and property. For instance, IntelliViewer Mobile Command System provides real-time views and archived video playback from surveillance cameras, while delivering data to mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), or laptop computers. Ideal for tracking GPS-enabled vehicles and personnel, monitoring alarms, and tracking targets via on-screen maps and floor plans. Also supports other surveillance technologies such as heat sensors, motion detectors, access-control systems, and chemical or biological monitors. To deliver real-time images from inside a police car, aircraft, school bus, or other vehicle, TransViewer surveillance system records images from up to 8 video cameras and 2 audio channels. Also processes GPS information, responds to panic alarms, and offers 6 analog inputs for monitoring vehicle functions such as speedometer readings. The system allows images to be archived to PCs or mass storage devices, plus assures fast retrieval of images. To view real-time traffic conditions, add RoadViewer to emergency vehicles or other fleets. Comes in various configurations that integrate mobile traffic surveillance with a navigation service to enhance public safety. Captures real-time video images from traffic camera networks. Also transmits images along with alerts or other text-based information to wireless devices such as cell phones, PDAs, or in-vehicle systems.

AirVisual, Inc., New York, NY