A new tool can provide instant audio and video feedback to help law-enforcement officers assess hostage situations, Hazmat incidents, search-and-rescue missions, and other potentially dangerous conditions, while remaining at a safe distance away. Called Eye Ball R1, the rugged, baseball-shaped device can be rolled, tossed, or dropped into any hard-to-reach or hostile environment. Internal components include a video camera, audio receiver, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate dark areas, and other sophisticated, wireless electronics. Thanks to its circular shape, the ball can rotate to provide 360 coverage of an area. Once deployed, Eye Ball captures and transmits real-time audio and video footage to a companion Personal Display Unit (PDU), located up to 200 yds. away. Complete with a color display, the PDU enables user to direct Eye Balls movement and focus on specific targets, rooms, hallways, or stairwells. Images of the scene instantly appear on the PDUs 6.4-in. screen. Eye Ball can also be attached to a pole, providing visibility into ceilings, attics, around corners, and other areas. The Eye Ball and companion PDU run on rechargeable, lithium ion batteries. Made by Remington Arms Co., Inc., based in Madison, NC, the surveillance tool is sold as a complete kit, which includes two Eye Ball tossable devices, training ball, PDU, two battery chargers, and carrying case. Test and evaluation units are available on request.

Remington Arms Co., Inc., Madison, NC