VisionStick tactical pole camera serves a variety of inspection and surveillance needs, ranging from ensuring homeland security to assisting search-and-rescue crews. Ideal for inspecting vehicles, containers, and hard-to-reach spaces (such as seeing inside sewers, looking over fences, or revealing threats behind doors). Works in any light or dark area, within openings as small as 1 ins. in dia. Non-conductive, fiberglass pole telescopes from 4 to 10 ft. high. Weighs less than 5 lbs. for compact handling. One, 1-in.-dia.-probe integrates forward-viewing infrared camera, along with side-viewing color camera. Contains 18 LEDs that allow viewing in total darkness, without emitting exterior light to hamper covert surveillance. Because each camera provides 180 field of view, user can receive panoramic, 360 viewing. Recessed switch, located in base of probe, enables camera selection. Omni-directional, front-mounted microphone picks up sound from wide angle to assist search-and-rescue missions. Also available with directional microphone to amplify conversations. Color monitor offers 3-in. screen for viewing images captured by camera. Integrated monitor and power supply attach directly to probe. Companion S-Link allows transmission of sound and video signals to a base station or second monitor. Carrying case has built-in battery charger that shuts off when lithium-ion batteries are fully charged. In addition, a.c. and d.c. power adapters plug directly into side of case.

Angiolaz, Inc., Bellows Falls, VT