Taser X26 offers non-injurious solution to stop violent confrontations. Boasts 21-ft. range. When contacting any part of assailants body, Shaped Pulse technology causes electro-muscular disruption to temporarily incapacitate movement. Law-enforcement officer can then handcuff individual, without receiving physical harm. Delivers no lasting effects to victim. Dataport capability, which connects to Windows-based PCs, records time, date, and duration of each firing to guard against false allegations or misuse. Digitally encrypted files protect admissibility of data evidence in court. Weapon comes with holster for lightweight, full-time transport on officers duty belt. Product line also includes Advanced Taser M26, which incapacitates dangerous, combative, or high-risk subjects who may be impervious to other use-of-force options. Subdues person, regardless of his or her pain tolerance, drug use, or body size. Offers 35-ft. range.

Taser International, Scottsdale, AZ