Blizzard Survival Sleeping Bag provides warmth and shelter to soldiers, first responders, search-and-rescue crews, sports enthusiasts, and others who confront outdoor challenges. Made of Reflexcell material, which resists harsh weather, including wind and water. Blocks heat loss, while protecting wearer from shock and hypothermia in all conditions. Comes in vacuum pack that measures about 8 by 4 by 1 ins. (approximately the size of a video cassette). Weighs about 12 oz. for lightweight transport as a personal safety item or for rapid deployment in emergencies involving large groups of people. Unfolds into a 6-ft.-long sleeping bag to fit fully clothed, large adult. Built-in elastic allows sleeping bag to hug individuals body for warmth and security. In addition, wearer can close top of bag to form hood. Can be reused indefinitely, without losing thermal properties. Select from military or civilian version, in silver or olive color. Product line of Blizzard Protection Systems also includes blankets and hooded vests.

Performance Systems, Medical Division, Houston, TX