A new, PC-based game, called Incident Commander, offers a safe environment for first responders and multi-agency personnel to train, plan, and prepare for emergency and crisis situations. Up to 16 players can train simultaneously on the game, with users assuming roles as either the commander or members of an operations team. The game simulates crisis scenarios such as a natural disaster, school hostage situation, and terrorism incident. Custom features can also be incorporated into the game, such as adding names of local buildings. Scenarios cater to emergency situations encountered by small- to medium-sized jurisdictions, such as those having less than 500,000 residents. Incident Commander was developed by BreakAway, Ltd., based in Hunt Valley, MD. The U.S. Department of Justice, which funded game development, is currently distributing the game to first responders and emergency personnel, free of charge. Copies will be available at major, first-responder conferences held throughout the nation, or readers can request the game via the below Web site. BreakAway, Ltd., Hunt Valley, MD