Invented by a police officer, PowerFlare PF-200R works as a personal safety light or emergency and rescue signal. Applications range from providing light during a power failure or natural disaster to illuminating landing zones for rescue or medical helicopters. In contrast to traditional flare signals used on roadways, the light creates no fire hazard, toxic fumes, or pollution. High-intensity LEDs emit light in all directions, while remaining visible from more than 5 miles away. Selectable functions allow various flashing patterns, or radiate constant light to serve as a lantern. Measures 4 ins. in dia. and 1 ins. tall (about the size of a hockey puck). Can be clipped onto workers apparel (such as a belt or traffic vest); attached to vehicles or objects; or wedged inside a standard traffic cone. Available in various colors, each with a waterproof design that resists submersion down to 300 ft. Runs on rechargeable batteries, plus comes with laptop-sized charger. Also available in model that runs on replaceable, lithium battery, which provides more than 100 hrs. of operation.

PowerFlare Corp., Menlo Park, CA