Mobile Defensive Fighting Position shield provides user with instant, head-to-toe protection from bullets, blasts, and dangerous fragments. Defeats rifle gunfire from 5.56 mm. to 30-06 AP (Armor Piercing), as well as handguns up to .44 magnum. Ensures full field of vision for person stationed behind shield. Ideal for protecting personnel at police stations, courthouses, correctional facilities, border crossings, security checkpoints, roadblocks, transportation terminals, sports venues, and other potentially vulnerable sites. Currently used in Iraq to keep U.S. troops safe from gunfire, while allowing soldier to engage enemy combatant from a secure position. Can be custom built to specifications, ranging from 30 to 48 ins. wide and 72 to 84 ins. high. Available in any color or texture, including camouflage pattern. On GSA Schedule GS-07F-566OP. Defenshield, Inc., East Syracuse, NY