Fire Caddy foam-induction fire-suppression pumping system uses any clean water source mixed with FlameOut foam additive to fight marina fires on any type of water. Three-position mixing valve meters non-toxic, biodegradable fire suppressant to extinguish Class A and B fires and ensure that hot spots dont reignite. Equipped with Honda 5.5-hp. gas engine and Davey single-stage pump system with 2 discharge outlets for 50 ft. of -in. hose or 100 ft. of 1-in. line. Both hoses feature Scott 4010 air-aspirating nozzles with 12-g.p.m. flow rate. A 20-ft. suction line of 1-in. hose has foot valve for quick priming. Pump generates 70 p.s.i. with both lines operating simultaneously and dispenses 33 g.p.m. in spray pattern up to 45-ft. from nozzles. Portable unit rolls anywhere on 16-in. pneumatic tires. Powder-coated carrier frame resists rust.

Just-in Case Fire Co., Murfreesboro, TN