Portable Powerheart automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) enable first responders to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest in the field before EMS arrives and within first critical minutes when defibrillation shock increases survival rates. RHYTHMx software detection algorithm combines advanced signal filtering, extraction, and waveform discrimination to accurately detect abnormal heart rhythms, determine whether they are life threatening, and, when appropriate, deliver defibrillation shock. After successful defib, unit continues to monitor patient during transport in ambulance. Fully self-contained with one-button operation. RescueReady daily self-testing verifies that battery and system components are operational, and that preconnected disposable electrodes will deliver proper shock. Lithium battery gives 5 yrs. useful life. For police cars; fire vehicles; public buildings; municipal, transportation, and recreational facilities; schools and college campuses; amusement parks; hotels; and other public places. OSHA recommenda AEDs for work sites to protect employees and guests and complement municipal EMS services.

Cardiac Science, Irvine, CA