Use Gemini to non-intrusively screen parcels, mail, and baggage. Simultaneously detects both metallic and organic contraband, including guns, knives, explosives, and narcotics. Ideal for security checkpoints in government buildings, correctional facilities, airports, nuclear plants, and other high-threat areas. Integrates dual-energy transmissions with Z Backscatter X-ray technology to pinpoint parcel contents. Allows operator to simultaneously view 2 images, which increases likelihood of finding illegal materials hidden in parcels. Photo-like quality of images offers clear interpretation by security guards, thereby expediting analysis time and reducing operator fatigue. Product line also includes SmartCheck personnel screening system; OmniView relocatable gantry for cargo and vehicle inspection; and Z Backscatter Van, a drive-by system to screen vehicles and objects for threats.

American Science and Engineering, Inc., Billerica, MA