High-impact, Protector EMS Cases’ medical supply organization system includes a lid organizer with clear pockets and a customizable, hook-and-loop, padded divider set. Allows quick inventory and storage of pre-filled syringes, solutions, vials, and ampules along with all other accessories carried by EMS technicians. Cell-core polymer construction protects sensitive equipment. Available in 1500, 1550 or 1600 Protector Case sizes. Largest case provides more than 2,700 cu. ins. of storage space. Polymer o-ring in lid provides a dust and waterproof seal. Cases also feature rubberized all-weather, sure-grip handle and stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors for added defense against cutting and theft. Double-throw latches tolerate up to 400 lbs. of pressure, yet open with a light pull. Standard, automatic Gore-TEX pressure equalization valve stops moisture from entering cases and prevents vacuum-lock so cases open easily at any altitude. Add optional TSA-accepted PeliLock for keyed access by airport security. Pelican Products, Torrance, CA