Portable L-Barrier, a Modular Vehicle Barrier (MVB), was specially designed for the military, anti-terrorism agencies, and police officers. Creates a roadblock against immediate threats of ramming vehicles in unknown locations. Can quickly stop a 2-ton truck traveling at 60 m.p.h. Boasts high-impact design that transfers vehicles horizontal momentum vertically to lift vehicle into the air. Directs vehicle to a full stop within a relatively short range. Modular design allows assembly of individual barriers in any length desired to block any size of vehicle route. Each barrier measures 40 ins. long, 3 ins. wide, and 27 ins. high; weighs 44 lbs. Compact size enables transport by small pick-up truck, jeep, station wagon, or other vehicle. One worker can assemble barrier in mins., without relying on special tools. When not in use, barriers fold for space-saving storage. Options include ground anchors for adding pyrotechnics, cable, or other methods to reduce distance of vehicle penetration.

Security Solutions International, Miami, FL