Hand-held SA-10NX PepperBall Launcher is suitable for one-on-one or one-on-many, non-lethal use of force situations, including law enforcement, inmate management, personal protection, barricade extraction, animal control, and more. CO2-powered launcher works with companion projectiles, including hot PAVA (capsaicin II) pepper super irritant, inert-training, animal-control, dye-marking, and glass-break rounds. Boasts rapid-reload magazines for launching up to 10 rounds with 60-ft. accuracy. Optional shoulder or thigh holsters are available, as well as a removable rail for mounting laser sights or other accessories. Affected individuals experience the psychological shock of being struck by powerful yet less-than-lethal kinetic force of 8 to 12 ft.-lbs. Hard, frangible rounds break upon impact and release PAVA, dye, or other material. Launcher can also be used without impact to create contained clouds of PAVA for breaking barricades or extracting unauthorized individuals from secured premises.

PepperBall Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA