Hand-held M-II FlashCam is ideal for covertly recording and documenting field conditions encountered by law-enforcement officers and soldiers. Can be used day or night to document everything from arrests and crime-scene searches to investigations and interviews. Aluminum housing features 17-in.-long flashlight, equipped with LEDs (light emitting diodes) that boast 85,000 candlepower of illumination. Also includes infrared LEDs, invisible to the human eye, which allow covert, nighttime surveillance of a suspect or prisoner. For video applications, just touch a button on flashlight to record normal, daytime video or capture high-resolution, still images for evidence collection. Comes with 12-v. charger that mounts in vehicle, plus doubles as a data transferring device to send all captured video, audio, and still images to an in-car video system or laptop computer for secure evidence handling. On a single charge, user receives up to 3 hrs. of flashlight operation and up to 1 hrs. of video and audio recording capability in either daytime or night-vision mode. Also comes with belt ring for convenient carrying or attachment of flashlight to holster.

Northland Security Products, Inc., a Div. of Otter Tail Corp., Moorhead, MN