Bandalero Bags carry rope and other gear into fire and rescue situations. Also can be used as an anchor strap, rescue sling, and chafe pad. Model RCBB-1 (top) allows rescuer to rappel or be lowered. Holds 150 ft. of 12-in. orange rope, 3 large steel carabiners, and a Figure 8 with ears. Model RCBB-2 (center) offers mechanical advantage for retrieving victim to safety. Configured with 150 ft. of 38-in. yellow rope, 3 aluminum carabiners, and 1-in. pulley. Lightweight Model RCBB-3 (bottom) assists search and rapid intervention with 150 ft. of 516-in. personal escape rope and 2 aluminum carabiners. Shipped preassembled. Roco Rescue, Baton Rouge, LA