Metor 28 wand detects both ferrous and nonferrous metals with 3 sensitivity settings: level 1 for small handguns and knives; level 2 detects razor blades, handcuff keys, etc.; and level 3 senses .22-caliber bullets, metal shanks, and more. Circular opening pinpoints metal object on person but will not affect pacemakers or magnetic tapes. Does not exceed field strength limit set by NILECJ-0602 Standard. Uses 9-v. alkaline battery. Also features angled handle with comfort grip, audible and visual alarms, on/off/ momentary 3-way push-button; low-battery indicator; and wrist strap. Optional headset supports silent wand operation; also helps screeners hear detection alarms in noisy environments. Other accessories include belt clip, carrying bag, and NiMH rechargeable battery with plug-in charging unit and LED charge indicator.

Metorex Security Products, Inc., Ewing, NJ