The rapid identification of potentially hazardous materials including toxic industrial chemicals, explosives, chemical warfare agents, and narcotics is becoming increasing critical to first responders. The First Defender is the only truly handheld and rugged instrument for in-the-field identification of unknown solids and liquids by first responders, soldiers, law enforcement and homeland security personnel on-site. The First Defender sets the standard for accuracy, applicability, durability, ruggedness and usability, far exceeding anything else available. Based on Ahuras patented "optical engine" technology, the First Defender offers superior performance and is extremely easy to use. The First Defender is an all-optical system based on Raman spectroscopy. Raman has unique properties that complement other techniques currently used in the field. The First Defender system has taken high resolution Raman spectroscopy and optimized it for use in the field. It enables accurate identification of liquids and solids in seconds:- Lightweight Less than 3 lbs, including battery and internal computer- Rugged and waterproof (mil spec)- Designed to be operated in a Level A suit- Handheld- Sophisticated algorithms allow users to easily obtain correct results at the scene - Operates over wide temperature range (-20C to 40C)- Dual mode (in sample vials or directly onto sample)- Operates through glass bottles and plastic bags without opening them- Large sample library including: WMD, chemical weapons, explosives, toxic chemicals, white-powders, narcotics, contraband, & forensics - 5 Hour Operational Battery Life - Fast startup operation: 15 seconds from a cold start to first measurement

Ahura Corporation, Wilmington, MA