TidalForce iO Cruiser allows law enforcement officers to respond to crime scenes, accidents, and other critical locations while conserving strength and energy. Electric bicycle moves through crowds, narrow streets, and difficult terrain. Rides with comfort of a full-size mountain bike, yet out-accelerates and outlasts any runner. Adaptive Motor, located in rear-wheel hub, captures and delivers optimal energy and performance. Front-wheel hub contains a rechargeable battery that fuels the 750-w. motor. Rider controls the bikes speed with thumb throttle located on handlebars. Control panel adjacent to handlebar stem includes charge indicator, system status indicator lights, and actuator buttons for travel modes. Normal mode slightly reduces motor torque and speed to conserve battery power and provide extended range. Turbo mode provides full power for faster acceleration, improved hill climbing, and 20-m.p.h. maximum speed. Regenerative brakes convert inertia into electrical energy to recharge battery. Travels up to 20 mi. without pedaling. The 36-v. NiMH battery recharges in 3 to 6 hrs. with 110/220-v. power source. Weighs 350 lbs. Available in black or red standard frame, as well as silver step-through frame.

WaveCrest Laboratories, Dulles, VA