Said to be a mini water treatment plant in a packet, the PUR Purifier of Water is an instant powdered water clarifier and disinfectant designed for outdoor and emergency applications. Works like a municipal water system only faster. A combination of flocculating and coagulating agents removes dirt, sediment, cysts and pollutants, and kills bacteria and viruses in contaminated water. Organic matter and microscopic particles adhere to the sediment. Visibly signals when water is ready to filter and drink, usually in as little as 30 minutes, and protects treated water up to 24 hours. Provides a fresh taste similar to household tap water. One packet of mix purifies 2.5 gals. of contaminated water. Available in multipacket boxes and as kits with purifier packets, mixing container, filter cloths, stirring wand and storage container. Reliance Products LP, Winnipeg, Manitoba