Smart Disaster Site Management System (SmartDSMS) ensures authentication of first-responder teams at disaster recovery sites, in areas lacking an existing communications infrastructure. Safeguards entrances and exits of disaster sites by providing on-site authentication and enroll- ment functions for authorized individuals. Also monitors access to sensitive areas, logs personnel traffic entering and exiting site, and enables real-time reporting. Consists of DynaGate wireless access-control unit (pictured), as well as repeaters, antennas, a server, software, and other components to create a temporary wireless network. Once deployed, system allows on-site issuing of smart cards to authorized individuals. Each card can store pertinent information such as persons name, blood type, allergies, biometric data (optional), emergency contact information, and authorization level. System then grants or denies access into restricted zones, based on individuals security profile. Wireless operation allows communication with off-site servers and databases. Also enables transmission of data over distances exceeding 10 miles, including in and around buildings or debris. Thanks to mobile design, system can be installed in less than 30 mins., plus allows fast relocation at another site. Options range from a fingerprint reader to generators. System meets requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Directives.

SuperCom, Inc., New York, NY