Astrategic plan to arm mobile law-enforcement officers with the latest audiovisual equipment was recently initiated by the DeSoto (TX) Police Department, located in a suburb of Dallas. Strategies included the addition of LawVision digital recording capabilities to 20 of the departments 27 patrol cars. LawVision features public-safety software that modernizes analog recording equipment commonly used in police vehicles, regardless of the equipments age. By using the software, police departments can eliminate the installation of bulky VCRs in the trunk of squad cars, as well as time-consuming searches on VCR tapes to find recorded material. DeSoto police officers rely on Law-Vision to document arrests, expedite and respond to citizens complaints about given situations, and provide evidence in court to support criminal cases. LawVision includes laptop-based Digital Recording Software, which can be activated by the vehicles sirens or lights, as well as turned on manually. In addition, Video Management Server Software provides an integrated, centralized way to store and manage video files from squad cars, jails, and interview rooms. Wireless downloads of recorded video and audio can then be made to an agencys video server. Developed by EyeNx, Inc., based in Addison, TX, the software links with companion communication and imaging hardware to create a complete system.

EyeNx, Inc., Addison, TX